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Click to View KolaNet 7th Anniversary Presentation - June 1999 Click to view personal photo gallery of research networking in CEE/CIS during the mid-1990s Click to view personal KolaNet Photo Gallery of key project events during the 1990s
KolaNet Project - June 1999 Research Networking - CEE & CIS KolaNet Project - Photo Gallery
Click to view some news reports on KolaNet and related Russian events and projects Click to view some outstanding commercial internet artwork from Mark Finan and Oculus UK! Click to enlarge image
KolaNet News Features Internet Artwork - 1990's European Internet Business
Click here to view James Flint's interesting article on KolaNet during his visit to the Kola-Peninsula Click here to see the photo gallery of the NATO-sponsored Internet Conference in Almaty - Autumn 1995 Click to enlarge image
News Article by "Jim Flint" Internet in Kazakhstan - Gallery Personal Interview - Sept 1996

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