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Laboratory of Microorganisms Ecology

Galina Evdokimova Natalia P.

Leader: Doctor of Biological Science, Professor Evdokimova G.A.
E-mail: galina@inep.ksc.ru; Phone (81555)79771; Fax (81555)79772, +47 789 14 117 (Norwegian line)


Estimation of the North microbe resources and microorganisms role in maintenance and regulation of modern biogeochemical cycles by the extreme natural and industrial impact.

Scientific directions:

1. Estimation of biomass, taxonomic and functional diversity of soil bacteria, micromycetes and invertebrates.

2. Bioindication and critical loads on soil biota.

3. Microorganisms physiology and biochemistry, search of active cultures for using in biotechnological processes.

Our laboratory

Biodiversity of soil microorganisms Main achievements:

The ecological-microbiological conception of soil protection based on indicator, biosorbtion, medium - regulation and destructive activities of microorganisms in industrially transformed soils is worked out.

The microbiological and biochemical criteria of soils status assessment and fixed critical loads on soil biota are scientifically based.

New knowledge on adaptation tools and stability of soil biota towards extreme natural and anthropogenic impact is obtained; the role of microbiota in reduction of soils metal-toxicosis is fixed; ability of micromycetes to reduce the mobility of heavy metals compounds in soil by their bioimmobilization is studied.

Practical significance of investigations:

the recommendations on optimum land use in areas of large scale industrial production are worked out and put into practice; both apply within urban ecology and improvement and rehabilitation of agricultural land, manufacturing biologically pure production; the experiment on bioremediation of damaged territories in the impact zone is carried out;
the complex method of oil biodegradation in freshwater reservoirs at high latitudes is worked out and tested;
the collection of active cultures - oil destructors and bioaccumulators of heavy metals to purify natural surroundings is made;
the criterion of soils biogenity characterizing their ability for self-purification and stability towards pollution is worked out; the biogenity map of soils on the Kola peninsula is made on the basis of given criterion (jointly with Prof. V.N. Pereversev).

Example of restorated soil

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