Main Publications

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I. Adsorption-active materials based on the hardening mineral dispersions by managing waste resulted from processing of mining raw materials. - Apatity, 1999. - 249 p.

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Koshkina L.B., Martynova T.I. Adsorption-active materials for industrial ecology.

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Kalabin G.V. Organization of environmentally safe disposal of waste from mining-industrial production in geocoenoses using hardening mineral dispersions// Geoecology. - 1999. - No3, pp. 218-226.

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Koshkina L.B. Investigation of geochemical transformation processes of minerals of enrichment tailings at the JSC "Apatit" under the impact of natural and industrial factors// Geochemistry. - 2000. -No5, pp.545-554.

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Avsaragov Kh.B. Geopolymeric materials based on magnesia-ferrous slags for immobilization and burying of radioactive waste// Atomnaya Energiya.

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