Now in Murmansk area exists 2-3 WEB servers, the amount of the clients is not great too ...

However it is obvious, that INTERNET technology on a Kola peninsula has large future.

We consider necessary to give attention to training to all aspects Internet, first of all to training of youth.

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In October, 1996 the first group of the students Khibinsky Technical College has received base knowledge of use INTERNET

Here they have prepared the information on themselves.

In March - April, 1997 six students of college were trained under the same program. You can find more information about the college here.


In the beginning of April the extended training was held. Besides the students and teachers of college the representatives of other organizations of our area (from local university, nuclear station, institutes of Kola science centre) were invited.

During one week they listened to lectures of the DIGITAL experts and trained at computer centre INEP.

The photoreporting about these cources is located here.

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