Travel Map for Alleman's and Barth's Kola Adventures during Dec2000/Jan 2001

Lukas Alleman and colleague made an epic New Year adventure up to theArctic

Kola Peninsula during the polar night - 30th December 2000 to January 8th 2001.

I am delighted that Lukas has agreed to share some of his photographs on this page.

You'll find more of their epic adventures on : !.........


Murmansk to Apatity Express Train - VL10 Locomotive                     Getting on the Murmansk to Apatity Express Train - VL10 Locomotive                     The PostBus from Ivalo (Finland), to Murmansk (Russia) - at the Border Crossing                 Murmansk to Apatity Express Train - VL10 Locomotive


Murmansk to Apatity Express Train - VL10 Locomotive   Downhill Skiing at Kirovsk during the Polar Night!   View from the Top of Kirovsk Mountain of the Arctic Sky during the Polar Night - January 2001    Hotel in the backstreets of Nikel - Russian Christmas Eve - 6th January 2001   Murmansk City with shops and apartment blocks

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Local Apatity Bus, leaving for Kirovsk         On top of the Khiberny Mountains above Kirovsk City           View from the Top of the Kirovsk Ski Lift - The Arctic Khiberny Mountains           Arctic Clothes for Kirovsk City - just above the city on the Skiing Slopes         Local Bus leaving Apatity Railway Station for Kirovsk


On the Streets of Murmansk City         Walking the Streets of Murmansk City - January 2001          Central Railway Station, Murmansk - Terminus for the trains from St Petersburg           Mid-Winter in Murmansk City            The Arktica Hotel - Central Square, Murmansk, Russia


Ships moored alongside the Kola Inlet - near Murmansk           Close-Up View of Ship moored on Kola Inlet - North of Murmansk City           Outside one of the Bases on the Kola Inlet, near Murmansk            Along the Kola Inlet during the Polar Night           View of the Kola Inlet, North of Murmansk City, Russia


Central Square (5 Corners) Murmansk City - Kola Peninsula - Russian Arctic                    Sunset over the Russian Arctic City of Murmansk                    Statue of Alesha - Murmansk City - Russian Arctic                     Ice Sculpture in the centre of Murmansk - Winter 2001/2002


The Port of Murmansk at Night-Time - Winter 2001/2002                    Reindeer Racing at the Murmansk Winter Games - 2002                     Murmansk Railway Terminus - End of the 1500kms Railway-Line from St Petersburg


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