Welcome to Valentina's New Year Celebrations in Moscow - 2001 - The New Millenium



Between Troitsk and Puchkovo VillageOn the edge of the Forest & Fields in TroitskDavid in the ForestComing back to the Lights of Troitsk CityGennady Kalabin and DavidTatiana Moiseenko and ValentinaTatiana and Valentina Probert



David in Tverskaya Street - 1st January -2001  4am !View of Moscow Kremlin from the Geological MuseumGennady, Tatiana, Valentina Probert and Vladimir MegorskyRotating Clock Dome on Manezh Square Underground Shopping MallGennady Kalabin, Tatiana Moiseenko, David & ValentinaNorth Wall - Moscow Kremlin and Alexandrovsky GardensCrowds in the Street & Alexandrovsky Gardens



Looking towards to Archway leading to Red SquareNew Year's Decoration - GUM Store - Red Square - Jan 2001David, Tatiana, Gennady, Valentina, & Vladimir MegorskyOrthodox Russian Church - Puchkovo Village - near TroitsksKremlin Walls with Arsenal Tower & Alexander's GardensIlluminations in Tverskaya Street - January 1st - 2001 - MoscowLooking towards Archway leading to Red Square, Moscow



Tatiana Moiseenko and Valentina Probert - Celebrating New Year 2001Dave Probert and Gennady Kalabin - Celebrating New Year 2001Family and Friends Celebrating New Year 2001 - In the Geological Museum - MoscowReconstructed Cathedral of Kazan - In Red Square - Near GUM Stores.Celebrating New Year in the Geological Museum - MoscowGennady, Vladimir, Anatoly and Svetlana LouchkineGennady Kalabin and Tatiana Moiseenko at Home in Troitsk



Looking towards the National and Intourist Hotels - Central MoscowLooking North upTverskaya Street - Dec 31st - 2000Lenin Mausoleum, Red Square, Moscow - 31st Dec 2000Underneath the rotating dome - Manezh Square Shopping MallSaint Basilius Cathedral - Red Square - MoscowMetro Station -  Manezhny Square Shopping MallRotating Dome - Manezh Square - Moscow



New Year Tree (Yolka) - Red Square with Kremlin TowerDavid, Gannady, Valentina and Vladimir - Outside the Geological Museum, MoscowOutside Saint Basilius Cathedral - Red Square, MoscowValentina Probert - In the Troitsk ApartmentDecorations - GUM Store - Red Square - Dec 31st 2000New Year Tree with Skating Rink and Historical Museum - Red Square, MoscowMulti-Level Underground Manezh Square Shopping Mall - Near Kremlin, Moscow



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