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View walking along the German-Austrian Border at RossfeldStrasse - 1600metres above Sea LevelView with Valentina and Larissa from the summit of the RossfeldStrasse - German-Austrian Border - BavariaView NW from the RossfeldStrasse - near Berchesgarten, Bavaria, GermanyView from RossfeldStrasse - along the German-Austrian Border - with Hoher Goll Summit - October 2001Panorama of the Austrian Achensee - 360 degrees -View from the Salzburg Castle, down towards the Old City - Die Alte Stadt - and the CathedralView from Salzburg Castle - HoheFestung - just before sunset,View from the Salzburg Castle - HoheFestung - looking down towards the Old CityView near the Austrian Villages of Durnberg and Hallein during Autumn 2001

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