Click here for the VAZA Project Archive of White Paper and Presentations for the 10 Years - 2005 to 2015 - Cybersecurity, eGovernance and More!

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Presentations in 21stC Developments in Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence"

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Click here for a collection of published papers on Business Planning, Modelling and Networking by the VAZA International Team led by Dr David E Probert from 1980 through to the 1990s Click here for a presentation by Dr David E Probert on Multi-Media Commerce for the 21st Century given to the British Computer Society back in Spring 1999! Click here for the VAZA Project & Presentation Archive on CyberSecurity & eGovernment!
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Click here for various presentations and publications from 1980  to 2000 including - knowledge lenses -  and - networking business communities. Click here for some original materials on the project to develop the  world's 1st supersonic car, including selections from my personal photo archive Click here for presentations and news articles on KolaNet, and other early pioneering internet projects in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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