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Project: Biodynamics of transformation processes of organic substance in ecosystems of the Extreme North.
The project is supported by the RFBR, grants 00-04-48500 and 01-04-06370.
- leader: G.A. Evdokimova
- main executives: N.P. Mozgova, I.V. Zenkova
- partners: laboratory of soil science, PABSI KSC RAS (V.N. Pereversev)

The project is aimed at getting new knowledge on the fundamental problem "Ecology of biological systems and their role in modern soil processes". There are explored structure and functional features of microflora and mezofauna along with investigation of soils' composition and characteristics, transformation processes of organic substance what allows to determine the role of biota in modern soil processes, in particular, in forming of forest cover in natural and anthropogenically changed ecosystems. As a result of this project there are due to be assessed activity, biodiversity and interaction of soil microorganisms and invertebrata in transformation processes of organic substance as well as made the analysis of intensity of biological processes in soils initiated by them.

Project: Microorganisms of underground mine workings in Northern Fennoscandia
- leader: G.A. Evdokimova
- main executive: A.F. Naumenko
Scientific directions of project work:
• Investigation of diversity and functional activity of microorganisms of mine workings inhabiting underground media: mineral, water and air ones;
• Biological pollution and safety of geological media;
• Investigation of ecological features of microorganisms inhabiting underground biosphere and their ability in biosorption of heavy metals.

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